Belle: The Hound That Was Found
Written and Illustrated by Susan Ertel

Susan Ertel's Belle is a true rags to riches story narrated by a lost basset hound that was found on the streets. In Belle's new life she passes a test with her new owner, and they become a Delta Society® Pet Partners® team promoting animal-assisted activities.

The rescued hound's story is captured both in the author's rhyming verse and in her whimsical illustrations. Belle brings smiles to everyone as they feel her basset love throughout the book. Her real and serious basset therapy enriches lives and boosts spirits in schools and hospitals all over the county and beyond.

Even though Belle is a children's book, the message is presented on many different levels. Belle's story will have a "paws-i-tively" magical effect on readers of all ages.

ISBN: 978-1933197-54-8
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